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Yes, I make content fun, sassy, and viral. Of course, I make it SEO-friendly. But, most importantly, I make content a very lucrative medium. Seamlessly blending commerce and editorial, period.

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Apple and Adobe History Leading to Flash

Apple Inc. creates and retails computing and communication devices for mobile and personal use to the global public. Adobe Systems Incorporated creates and retails software products for producing, supplying and administering information. Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems Incorporated have longtime partnered and competed with each other as technology distributors for their respected products. Apple Inc.’s failure to collaborate the company’s products with Adobe’s software places Apple at risk for losing future endeavors with Adobe that would be beneficial. Apple products can be made compatible with Adobe software in the interest of both companies with some examination of the risks and opportunities such corroboration would entail.
Apple and Adobe’s Suggested Cooperation Specifically Regarding Adobe Flash and Apple Mobile Devices

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Human Perfection; the Conceptual Need and Functionality of the Notion in Terms of Collective Perfection

Human Perfection; the Conceptual Need and Functionality of the Notion in Terms of Collective Perfection
I. Human Perfection as a Conceptual Human Need
As humans among mankind, there must be somewhat o...

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Social Media in US and Other Countries

Check out this great YouTube video I found to get a feel for how important social media is:
Current Trends in Social Network Sites
on a Global Scale
Kara Kamenec
Michigan State University

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Corrupt Pharmaceutical Companes in American Society

(College Admission Essay)
Sep. 25, 2005
Many Americans live involuntarily as spectators to a much-desired healthy
and satisfying lifestyle because of a lack of fundamental knowledge
regarding the ba...

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Who doesn't Love MAC tips?

Who doesn’t love learning the ever increasing ways of making the most of their mac experience? My guess is that if you are viewing this from a Mac right now, you do! Here’s some great sites for tips a...

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Social Media cheat sheet

Just another WordPress.com weblog
About Me!
Found this today. Interesting way of categorizing social media sites with general categories: